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Compliant with PMI Best Practices (PMBOk), PMO Teams makes project management effective by monitoring the progress and risks of projects in a collaborative environment.

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To optimize the performance of your projects, you have to be able to measure it. PMO Teams makes it easy for you by offering a multitude of indicators and dashboards that support you to achieve your business goals.

Decision making

The success of a project is based on good decisions. The quality of a decision depends on the accuracy of the information available and the speed at which it is available. PMO Teams offers real-time information that allows to act and react at the right moment.


The Project Management Institute (PMI) has consolidated best practices in its Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). The PMO Teams features have been developed with respect to the PMBOK, making it a solution of choice.


The art of choosing the right tools

PMO Teams is the result of many years of experience in project management and the desire to meet the needs of organizations carrying out their mission through the implementation of projects. Our solution covers the main aspects of project management knowledge by providing an integrated collaboration platform.

With this goal in mind, we have designed an application that will allow your business to reach new quality standards. At the same time, the ease of use remains a primary concern, since your time is the most valuable asset.

PMO Teams

Our features

To design a good product, you have to get started with a good foundation. By defining the functional requirements for the practices described by the PMBOK, we offer you a tool built on industry standards and concepts used worldwide by the project management community.

Actions, risks and issues

To avoid losing control, daily management of project elements is required. Using a Kanban board and the interactive calendar, PMO Teams helps you accomplishing this task.

Portfolio Management

Today's organizations implement several projects in parallel. PMO Teams allows you to build your portfolio and get an overview of your projects with one single click.

Dashboards and indicators

The quality of the performance indicators is derived from a thoughtful transformation of your project data. PMO Teams offers a multitude of key indicators and dashboards based on the best practices of the market.

Earned Value Management

The use of this performance measure requires the knowledge and application of this calculation method. Let PMO Teams interpret your indicators so that you can concentrate on making good decisions.

Continuous integration

The strength of a tool lies in its ability to integrate all important elements and generate a project overview. PMO Teams integrates all the data in real time to provide you with the best possible information at any given moment.

Ease of use and collaboration

Every screen of the PMO Teams application has been thought through to optimize the interaction with users. Whatever your role, we've analyzed each task to make it as fast and efficient as possible.

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PMO Teams

Our proposal

We have built the business model of PMO Teams to make your decision easy. Our goal is to support your quality efforts by providing your project teams with a collaboration platform at the cutting edge of project management practices.

Cloud or on-site solution

Let our experts take care of the implementation issues and focus your time on managing your projects. Our solution is hosted on world-class servers that meet market standards for reliability and availability. If required, our team will assist you in an on-site installation to ensure the best performance.

User based license

Our license is based on the number of users in your organization. By providing access to all your project stakeholders, you will increase your return on investment. Each member of your project teams has to be able to perform the operations intended for him/her.

Small, medium or large company

No matter the size of your business, PMO Teams adapts to your context. Whether your projects are within a single organization or distributed across different business units in your organization, our solution allows you to see what you want.

Technological integration

We understand that your business might have already implemented various applications (ie MS Project, Primavera) or technological infrastructures (i.e. Windows Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange). Based on your environment, we will show you the best approach towards a successful itegration.

PMO Teams

Who are our customers

We designed PMO Teams based on best practices in project management to meet the needs of most economic sectors. So, whether your organization carries out projects or manages business operations, this solution is adapted to your individual needs.

« We had the opportunity to work with Zonerisk to establish policies and processes of risk management at the research center of the MHI. Our organization has received relevant information for decision making in a complex business environment. Professionals from Zonerisk responded to our institutional needs. »

Gilles Lefebvre, Assistant Director

Montreal Health Institute
Domaine de la construction


For projects in residential, commercial and industrial construction, civil engineering or roadworks.

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Health care

For research projects in medical care, the setting up of new establishments or the transformation of services.

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Public administration

Infrastructure renewal projects, projects reducing environmental impact or related to public transit.

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Science and Technology

For consulting engineering services, information systems design or research and development.

PMO Teams est une application de gestion de projets développée par Koudaso, une entreprise spécialisée en gestion de projets.

Selon la légende, l'origine du mot Koudaso proviendrait d'un vieux dialecte africain et signifierait "bon travail". La qualité de notre travail et notre approche orientée vers les résultats font la réputation de Koudaso.



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